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Joyce Reid

Registered Calmbirth Practitioner

Joyce Reid

Hi, my name is Joyce, I have been a Registered Midwife since 1998. Originally from England, I moved to Australia in 2002. I live and continue to work on the Gold Coast as a midwife. I have always had a keen interest in antenatal education and have taught preparation for childbirth classes for several years.

I first became aware of Calmbirth®, whilst caring for women during childbirth, who had undertaken the Calmbirth® program. I was amazed and inspired by them. The Calmbirth® program is a wonderful course, embracing childbirth in such a holistic way, as I have not seen before. It brings together physiology, simple relaxation techniques & explores individual beliefs to enable the best birth experience.

Safety is always paramount, Calmbirth® principles compliment every road the birth journey may take, allowing you to remain calm and empowered as your pregnancy, labour & birth unfolds.

Please contact me for more information/the next available Calmbirth Heartbeats classes.

Let the calm journey of birth begin...